A Complete Guide on Main Reasons of Having Period Every Two Weeks

As soon as the women reach at the age of 11 or 12, she starts getting into the situations of the menstrual cycle that stay with her until the age of 55. This time span of the menses would stay from 2 days of the duration to the one whole week as well. It does take place in your body after every 28-29 days. If you are having the periods after every 24 hours of duration, then it would be mentioned as the irregular cycle of this problem. Let’s have a discussion about all those main reasons:

Leading causes of Having Period Every Two Weeks:

  • Your sudden changes of hormones in the body will be going to identify the fact that when you will be having the periods get started. Sometimes the sudden change in the weight gain and weight loss can cause you to have periods on the earlier basis.
  • Having the extra exercises can also cause to have some variations in the hormones as well. It is another primary reason for having periods every two weeks.
  • Stress is the natural way of to have the periods every two weeks. This stress can be in the form of the family arguments or even in some trouble shape too. It can change the whole cycle of your periods.
  • Certain medications can bring about the effects on your cycle. If you do feel that any drug is showing the outcome which you want to have then, you should get into quick consultation with the doctor as soon as it happens with you.
  • Having the period every two weeks can also take place because of some uterine problems too. In these problems, we would mention the names of polyps as well as cysts along with fibroids or tumors.

In additional reasons, we would surely be bringing you with the name of thyroid problems that would be thickening the lining of the blood inside your uterus. It can take place into the more amount of the bleeding conditions as compared to the one on the normal terms.pink spotting between periods

What is The Best Treatment For Having Periods Every Two Weeks?

                         If you are having the regular periods due to the weight problems and stress, then you do need to attend any the treatment. But still for your satisfaction you can consult the doctor that would be in return be performing the pelvic examinations on your body. They would be taking the small sample of your uterine and will also do the ultrasound. If there are some hurdles inside your body, then the doctor would suggest you go for the surgery on the earlier basis. If you are on the conditions of the sexually transmitted infections, then you can easily get control over it through the use of antibiotics. In such conditions, your partner would be getting the treatment too further more you can visit at charlies magazines

So this was the overall and detail discussion about having the period every two weeks! It is not an impossible thing to control as it just demands little consciousness from your side to deal with all such problems. Never think about any treatment by your own and get into consultation with the doctor as soon as possible!